Monday, 14 November 2011

30 before 30–an update


It’s now less than two weeks until I’m thirty, as I was pleasantly reminded by my cousin today (the one that I share a birthday with).

I’ve made some good progress on my list but it seems with just one more weekend to go, I probably won’t get through everything on it.  Here’s where things are at currently:

Completed (and most likely details to follow)
1. See a play
5. Cook a dinner for 4
7. Move to a new hood in London
8. Kiss a stranger
10. Visit a new country
12. Eat a steak
13. Take in a sunset from Greenwich / Primrose Hill / Hampstead Heath
14. See Elgin’s marbles
15. Ride a bike
16. Get a pedicure/manicure
21. Go a weekend without coffee
23. See a band
24. A yum cha lunch
28. Walk at least one (new to me) section of the Thames Path

In progress
2. Read the Great Gatsby
17. Learn to crochet
20. Try three new foods
25. Send 29 postcards
26. Get my leg back behind head
27. Design a photo calendar
30. Go to a comedy show

Still to start
3. Visit the London Transport Museum
6. Bake macaroons
9. Visit a market
11. Get up for sunrise
18. Visit and tour St Paul’s Cathedral
19. Attend a Church service
22. Leave a letter for a stranger
29. Make pizza dough

Absolutely not going to happen
4. Attempt Couch to 5kms

I’m happy with where I’m at given I don’t really mind if things don’t get done.  I’ve decided to plain axe running from the list.  I broke a couple of bones a few weeks back and whilst we’re on track for them to be all better (4-6 weeks), they’re not yet.  If I walk around much, they hurt.  Based on this, I’m not going to attempt running.

There are going to be some trade-offs as well – I know I can’t head to a market, see St Pauls, go to the London Transport Museum and bake macarons in the time I’ve got left with what else I have on in my life.  So come next Saturday, I’ll decide then what I’m doing.

So, anyone want a London postcard?

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