Thursday, 17 November 2011

30. Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are a load of fun. Obviously, given it’s comedy. But they’re more interactive than a movie or play (both with the stage and with your friends) and a welcome change to my normal nights out with friends. I was thinking when I added this item to the list that I hadn’t been to any comedy shows over here, after being a frequent visitor to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival back home. Turns out my memory was failing me as I did go and see Jimmy Carr a few years back after being gifted a ticket for my birthday.

Signage outside and inside the Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in London is one of the capital’s oldest comedy clubs and most recommended by my mates so it made sense to head there. A few friends were keen to come along so it was our combined availability (or lack thereof) that determined what we would see – Rich Hall and Friends.

Rich Hall is an American comedian that spends a fair chunk of his time in the UK, appearing on QI and various other British tele shows I’ve seen. He’s apparently the inspiration for Moe, the bartender, in the Simpsons. His comedy is very political but not at all politically correct. How I like it actually. The first set was stand-up, some improve and a lot of political content (bashing both the UK and the US). His second set was more of the same, but set to music with his bluegrass band supporting him. A really good show.

His friends turned out to be John Moloney and Stuart Francis. John Maloney is a British guy, very British looking, who was a story teller. A very funny story teller. His stories were about his day to day life in South London but my, were they funny.

Stuart Francis is a Canadian one line wonder. One liner after one liner. They were all good and got plenty of laughs but there weren’t always a lot of links between them. Whilst still very funny, my least favourite of the night (although his speaking deep and velvety).

All in all it was a great night.  A lot of laughs from my and my friends.  I found it interesting that we all laughed a lot but at slightly different times or things.  Thankfully none of us were easily offended.  I’m so glad I put this on the list as it being there really was the impetus for a great night out for me and some friends. I’m hoping to return to the Comedy Store again sometime soon.  Do you like or frequent live comedy?

Videos below are fairly representative of what we saw/heard.  Just a warning that there's a fair whack of swearing in the first one

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