Friday, 4 November 2011

The cheap seats this November

Month of anticipation. It use to be when the warm weather really started at home and the anticipation of the summer ahead was at its peak. Now it's when the cold kicks in and the anticipation of snow and nesting and roasts and red wine sets in. It's the month of my birthday, a much anticipated one this year. It's festive, yet not crazy like December. I think it probably is my favourite month, if I did have to chose one.

I've been busy booking things this week, so combined with already laid plans, I'm excited about the month ahead. Things to look forward to include;

  • A weekend in Prague with 5 of my best London friends. Not all my friends can come but I'm super excited about this trip. It's somewhere I've long wanted to head and to be doing it with the crew I am, well I'm just super excited about it.

  • Roxette. Is an explanation really needed? My excitement about this is nearly at Dolly delerium levels. Levels where I randomly "squee". I have pretty crappy seats but this gig shall be wonderful.  (so hard to choose a link for this one - I really like a load of their songs

  • Comedy Store. I haven't been to live comedy since I've lived here. I miss the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (but seemingly not enough to head to Edinburgh for theirs) and have finally got around to booking some in in the coming weeks.

  • Tennis. The ATP tour finals are at the O2 later this month and I'll be there. Admittedly in the cheap seats (again) but there with some mates by my side it will be great to see some live. Again, not something I've done since I've been here (Wimbledon is much harder to get tickets to than the Australian Open).  We won't know who we're seeing until much closer but so far Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Federer and Ferrer have qualified.

  • Theatre. A play. A ridgy didge play (and not a musical). Nothing against musicals but I've seens lots of them and less of these. A play about Florida chain gangs. Cool Hand Luke anyone? Again, the cheap seats.

  • Dinner. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. We finally got a booking at a sociable hour (ie. Not 10pm for dinner on a Monday) so we're heading there this month. Whilst not as whacked out as Fat Duck, nor michelin starred, we've heard good things about this place. It's a colleague/friend/travel buddy's farewell and whilst it will be sad to see her go, I like the style of celebration.  Sadly for this one, there are no cheaps

This month is going to be great.  And these are only the prebooked ticketed things, there's a lot more fun to be had outside of these. What are you looking forward to this month?

*I tend to gravitate to the cheap seats. I'd rather see more things for less, than less for more. There are some things I'll pay a premium for, occaisionally, but mostly I'm all about the deal.




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