Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Farewelling friends & Wonderful Weekend

A busy weekend where I fell a little more in love with London.  Just as people are leaving it.  Many of the social outings lately have been farewells.  Five in the last ten days with more to come before the year is out. 2011 shall be the year of the exodus.

That’s the nature of London.  People come, work, play, travel, love and leave.  It’s not a forever after place, but a transient town.  Now, as we get older and visa laws tighter, it’s seemingly a one way street.  Home.  Home to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and elswhere.

But once they go home, life goes on.  That's something to love about London - there's always stuff do to and see.  Coffees to be drunk, country towns to visit, musems and fireworks to see.  I had a really fun weekend that, on looking back at my phone pics, was mostly about colour, culture and coffee.

Choosing ribbons for bouquets
Choosing lip stains
Department store all wrapped up for Christmas
Pretty coloured papers (especially like the fortune tellers above)
Pretty pretty pavement
Because nothing says Christmas like fluro crackers
The Nereid Monument (British Museum)
Refueling at Kaffiene (kiwi café - best ANZAC biscuit I think I’ve ever had and a super lovely cap as well)
Chocolates w coffee. The second chocolateir I visited on Sunday. Oops
Lion (from Knidos) presiding over the Grand Court (British Museum)
Marlow-on-Thames a pretty town for a Sunday pub lunch

A really lovely weekend. How was yours?

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