Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday Fancies

Some loves and lusts from around the interwebs and real life.  I'm keen to hear/see/read what you're lusting after at the moment as well.

THIS MUG (and this bowl, but more the mug) from Urban Outfitters.  How sweet are they both?

These cons.  Navy - perfectly neutral, with a hint of teal and an a smaller hint of mettalic (the stars on the tongue are shiny).  Maybe my favourite cons yet? They're different enough from the other three pairs I have that I can nearly justify them.  Nearly.

How cool is this clip?  I haven't been able to ride with no hands since I was much younger and never could I do it this well.  Makes me want to get back on a bike.

Day 179/365- Kindle
Kindle {pic from thekellyscope}

I think the time has come to get a Kindle. In a few weeks I'm heading to Australia for a few weeks.  With 48 hours on a plane there and back, some internal flights and some train journeys once there and hopefully (maybe, please?) some downtime at the parents farm, it makes sense. Do you have a Kindle?  Love them? 

Day&Night Nurse, Covonia Lozenges (berry blast) and Quash hand sanitiser)

Lusting might not be the right term.  I'd love not to want these but given I am now choc full of cold, they're pretty helpful. The Quash sanitiser I first bought because I liked the size of it but having used it a while and readign the label, I do love it.  It's a natural one so it smells really good (lavender and lemon).  I think from memory I just picked it up in a Boots or Superdrug or something.

What are your Friday fancies?

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