Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Hunger Games

I was late to the Hunger Games party, having only read them last month. Last month under duress actually. Duress to begin with at least. A colleague was reading them at the time and couldn't pipe down about them, even reading them on her lunch break (is a good use of time but it doesn't usually happen around here). After hearing her yap on about them so much, she passed them my way and told me to at least read them. And then I did. In quick succession, I read one each weekend/week (yes, including on my lunch break). I had a few trips back to back and they were the perfect folly.

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The Hunger Games, the first instalment is certainly my favourite. Catching Fire took a little longer to get into and Mocking Jay longer yet. But once I got into the second and third books, it was all good. I was a little sad when I finished them to be honest. A few other colleagues (and friends back home) have now read the trilogy and enjoyed it. Sure, it's not classic literature and is young adult fiction, but maybe because of that they're so easy to read and enjoy, without requiring too much thinking (but allows for some).

And now we all eagerly await the first of the movie instalments. I must admit when I first
read of the casting, I was sceptical. Jennifer Lawrence was excellent in Winter's Bone but for some reason I thought she was too pretty, her features too rounded for what I imagined Katniss to look like. But now, having just this week seen the trailer (multiple times I must add - I keep youtubing it every so often), I can' wait for the movies and the casting, despite my initial scepticism looks spot on.  Lenny Kravitz as Cinna?  Yes please. March 23 2012 can't come soon enough.

Have you read the books? Did you like them? Are you looking forward to the movies? Thoughts on the casting? Have you read any of Suzanne Collin's other books?
Books 1, 2 and 3, read over consecutive weekends on the beach in Majorca (Spain),
at the airport in Tallinn (Estonia) and in the cabin near the beach in Kidwelly (Wales).

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