Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I got my Kindle!

Updated:  I'm not sure what happened with this post and why it went to readers without any text or body.  And I'm curious as to where my writing went.  I've rewritten it below.

So I bought my kindle.  Earlier this week and after a frenetic work day, I stopped by the shops on the way home and got it.
Here it is charging on my bed this morning

I've still got a backlog of actual books to read so I haven't bought anything for it yet but have downloaded a few classics (that I'd selected on my iPhone - because it's the same amazon account, it syncs).  I've got Pride and Predjudice and Cranford to read.  I love that is knows what page in Pride and Predjudice I was up to on my phone.

There are loads of free books available, where their copyright has passed, so I want to make the most of this.  What are your favourite classic reads?  What should I be downloading?

Now to find a cute case that I like.  I think I want a folio style one rather than a sleeve.

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