Saturday, 5 November 2011

Look what my phone can do (but don't ask me why it needs to)

I have a boatload of apps on my phone, many that I don't really use. I got to playing with one of them the other day; CamStudio+ which is a photo editing one. A playful one more than anything else. It's easy enough to use and has loads of filters/options/effects etc but some of them got me questioning. Why would you want to turn your cup of coffee into an ultrasound? (the actual effect used here is cylinder, but I see a womb).

Likewise, why would anyone want a skeletal ghost on their coffee? Or anything else? I appreciate the app isn't soley for use of photos of coffee, but what when would you use this overlay? (for the record, this one is Ghost-1 (of 3).

So as much as I don't really see when you'd use those filters, I must say, I do like the tint options. Pretty coffee..
(These are four pics that I then joined together in Diptic, another app (but one that I love and use).

For the record, the coffee pic really looks like this. It was the first of two coffees I had (in two visits) to Sensory Lab last weekend. If in London, go. The baristas are lovely and the coffee even better. It's not far from Oxford St as the crow flies but is cool and calm and a world away when it comes to atmosphere.

What apps are you loving?  Or what apps do you have on your phone that you never really use?  And most importantly, what photo would you apply a skeletal ghost overlay to?

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  1. I have the ghost or the skeleton app in my iphone too. My son plays around with it. Love the way the coffee looks. Wish my actual coffee came looking like this. Lol.