Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A few weekends ago (right after Majorca and right before the Welsh coast) I spent a weekend in Tallinn, Estonia.

It’s a sweet little place.  The town centre itself is medieval and very well preserved.  It’s more recent history is Soviet (liberated in 1991) and that’s what interested me more so. 20th century history is the period that fascinates me the most.  Maybe because it’s so recent that people I know of have lived through (maybe not suffered, but I just find it somehow more relatable).

Like many a European town, it’s set out around the old town square, has a skyline dominated by church spires and enjoys a cafe culture.  A sweet little town with a mixed up history.  My highlights were the KGB museum at the Soviet built Hotel Sokos Viru, the Occupations museum (detailing the two Soviet occupations as well as the German one since 1939) and the views out over the old town from various viewpoints.  It’s just an easy town to wander around with no fixed plan.

As always, pics, below (KGB related ones at the bottom). 

The last row – ex KGB headquarters with the bricked up cellars (to muffle the sounds of torture).  The Church next to the ex KGB headquarters, it’s spire was used by the KGB for their radio communications.  An old communications room in the KGB museum.

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