Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ten on a Tuesday - 105

Chelsea's questions again this week so they're a random bunch.  She's done a shout out for more questions but I kind of really like the randomness of hers so I'm in no rush.  Any questions you think she should ask?

1. What’s your favourite television show for each day of the week?
Sunday – n/a
Monday – Made in Chelsea
Tuesday – n/a
Wednesday – n/a
Thursday – n/a
Friday – n/a
Saturday – n/a
(yeah, there isn't a lot that is must see for now, especially since Grey's and Glee are both on cable which we don't have).

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
It depends. Several. More than a couple or a few but I'm not sure. It also depends on what/where I've been (if I've been around smokers or they've got muddy or dirty).

3. What is your favourite pasta shape?
Parpadelle or shells.

4. Do you read newspapers?
Online yes but not so much for real.

5. Do you sleep in socks?
Sometimes but less rather than more often.

6. Favourite genre of movies?
I wish I had an answer that made me sound intelligent but really, it's romcoms. Or history movies (told through either a fictional or non-fiction story, not so much documentaries. examples being Schindler's List and Black Book)

7. How do you feel about wrestling?
Um, I don't? I stopped to think about it just now and "ummm" is the best I can come up with. I use to walk out when my brothers would watch it though so I guess I'm not a fan?

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
If they want to? Pretty opinion less on this.

9. Do you have dimples?
On my thighs? yes. Cute ones on my cheeks? sadly not.

10. Do you like to camp?
Yep. Especially in beautiful remote places. Not so much at festivals with 100,000 other people (which seems to be when I do it).

Good camping.  Camping in the Saharan Desert.  Stars, oh so many stars that night.

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  1. Hahahahaha! I love your answer for number 9!