Saturday, 3 December 2011

On Being 30

3 days of celebrations and partying. I don't pull up like I use to. Prague was fantastic. Such a beautiful city - one of the most picturesque I've seen in Europe. We did some sightseeing, some touristy things and plenty of celebrating. I think it took all of us by surprise. I think we all thought we were all too old for those kind of hijinks. We certainly hadn't planned on it. I had a 5.30am and a 4am finish on the two nights. And I bailed early on the second night. Still, so many many laughs over the weekend and I really did love all of it, and felt very loved.

So 3 days of partying and less than stellar sleep, followed by 4 days of solid work. Probably 4 of the busiest day I've had at work this year. Certainly since beginning this role in May.

So being 30? It's tiring. But mostly it's wonderful and exciting and normal and just another year.

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  1. It sounds like those 3 days of partying were quite the whirlwind. I'm hoping that 30 isn't just another year for you, hopefully it's an amazing year!