Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Goodbye Hammond Road

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Last Friday my parents settled their old farm having moved to their new one earlier in the week. I'm really excited about the new place - it's a 100+ year old miners cottage and whilst a property of that age will need some work/maintenance, it is a lovely place. There's a good feel at the new place, there's lots of outbuildings to explore, the views lovely (it's further up in the hills) and it just excites me.

That said, I was still a little sad about them selling the old place. Whilst it never was my family home (they moved there in my final year at university and none of us kids ever lived there), it was "home". It's where we gathered for Easter egg hunts, Christmas, other family occasions and just because. It was a bolt hole for me and my friends when needed and it was where I'd return to each time I headed back to Australia.

They made the decision to sell mid-to-late last year (based on land requirements and encroaching town developments etc) but thankfully they had a long settlement period meaning Christmas was there one last time. I was able to say good bye to the old place and hello to the new place whilst I was recently home.

My folks rebuilt the house when they bought the place has it had fallen into disrepair, but they kept the original fire places and a few fittings and built to a very similar floor plan. When the house was being framed out all those years ago, there were two brick fireplaces in the midst of it. The original house that had fallen into disrepair had been in the family many years ago. It's where he was taken home from hospital to, and where he spent his formative years until his mum remarried (after his dad passed away) and they moved into the next town over.

I loved the drive down their street, a gum tree lined dirt road (they were at the very end of it), I love the view out over the Bunyip HilIs and the pastures in between. I love the garden (Lynne's hard work, for aside from the palms there was nothing there to begin), I loved the bathtub (so big and deep it had inbuilt arm rests halfway up) and most of all, I love the veranda, a big wrap around veranda. Most of my favourite memories of that place are on the veranda (beer tasting, sparkler sparkling, gin n tonic drinking, bubble blowing, playing, reading, sitting, watching storms roll in, watching the sunsets and the sunrises and just sitting, being.

Goodbye Hammond Road.

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And here it is in its early days, being built
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