Tuesday, 24 January 2012

High Times at High Tea

As I mentioned, Kathryn and Tristan were in town for the weekend.  It was wonderful.  WONDERFUL.  We chatted and laughed whilst they met my London crew, drank warm beers, had a curry, saw a play (ok, we were didn’t chat during this), sampled my favourite coffee stops and just touristed about.  It was beyond wonderful actually.

The highlight though was high tea.  Kat and I had spoken about it before, we knew it was something we would do.  It was part of my wedding present to them.  After seeking recommendations, I booked at The Dorchester for late Saturday afternoon (4.45pm sitting).

It was wonderful from the get go.  We arrived early, not wanting to be late, and decided to enjoy a drink from the bar whilst we waited.  A gin & tonic for sir and two Sipsmith’s Tea Time Martinis for us ladies. 

Afternoon tea in itself started with a choice of champagne (Laurent Perrier rose or Laurent Perrier NV Brut).  We all chose the brut (dry).

Finger sandwiches were then served; vegetarian for me and meatier ones for the newlyweds.  Fillings included the traditional cucumber; egg & cress, chicken & wholegrain mustard, cheese and chutney, tomato & mozzarella with pesto, smoked salmon and more.  All of them served on specialty breads.  Our favourites were the two that were served on the basil bread (cheese and chutney for me, chicken & mustard for Tristan, both for Kat).  Once we ate our sandwiches, they brought more.  It  would have been easy to fill up on the sandwiches alone, but no, we needed room for sweets.

We then had our teas, chosen prior.  They were served once we’d finished our champagne so we could better enjoy them.  When selecting the, Kathryn’s choice of English breakfast was met with a very stern “no” that had us in fits of giggles, until we realised it was for real.  Our waiter’s point was that English Breakfast is widely available and when there was such an extensive tea menu, it seemed a shame not to try something else.  Guided by Kat liking EB with milk, he made the suggestion of the Dorchester Blend (Ceylon & Assam). I chose their Paris blend (it was suggested as it contains bergamot and I asked for guidance based on liking Earl Grey but also had a hint of caramel) whilst Tristan had one of their blends who’s name and ingredients both escape me.

Sweets were soon served.  Scones (both plain and fruit) with a jam (strawberry or apricot & ginger) and cream as well as a selection of desserts.  Something with coffee & chocolate, a dark chocolate & orange one, mandarin tart, mango & pistachio mousse and a coconut & cassis delight.  Deciding which dessert to try first proved hard but really, it needn’t of for once they were gone, more of the same were brought.

The staff were fantastic – so helpful, polite and patient.  It was obvious we weren't the hotel’s target audience but they must be very use to it with their high tea as we were made to feel like we were the only guests.

It really was a treat but one I’d really recommend. Especially if you get to enjoy with some of your best friends.

An excellent afternoon at the DorchesterCocktail time

I loved the setting as well – silvery/gold rimmed greeny plates.  I would get some but at  £650 for a tea set for two, it’s just a treat too far.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Great pictures :)

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Great pictures :)

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Great pictures :)