Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Weekend Walk {Pictures}

One of my goals this year was to take 12 walks. Not commute walks but specific, set out on a path to walk a distance. When I wrote that, I really had the Thames Path in mind but realise at other times, there will be other paths to follow. I did a section a few weeks ago (Waterloo to Barnes Bridge) which covered some ground I'd previously done but also covered off some of the path I'd yet to walk.

This weekend, pushed for time (due to a lovely lie in and having to be dolled up for a 30th later on), I decided to do the nearest section of the path I'd never walked; Westferry to the Thames Barriers. The Thames Barriers mark the end of the national path, 180 miles from the source of the river. This section is full of contrasts. It's initially residential, becomes quite stunning (as you approach/pass through Greenwich) and somewhat industrial as you head out. Throughout all, there's great views of the Canary Wharf skyline as well as glimpses of the City of London. The Thames Barriers themselves are quite majestic. For something so functional, I was really quite captivated by them. First because when I saw them I knew I was nearly done and secondly, because they're shiny. Me = magpie = loves shiny things.

I didn't take many pics for the first mile or so, mainly because (a) I didn't think to and (b) it's pretty unremarkably urban. As I got close to crossing the Thames, I had my phone out to capture it. If you follow me on twitter, you would have already seen some of these pics. If you follow me on Instagram, would have seen even more. Sorry about that. IG is slightly addictive and once I started posting the pics, I wanted them all to be square and have matching (X-Pro) treatments. Also, parts of the path were pretty hidden/isolated/less salubrious so it's always nice to have a GPS record of where I last was, right? Here’s how the walk went:

Naval college (view from a detour)Strollling under the Thames #thamespath#thamespathNot all the signs are scenicWhat's the time? Greenwich Mean TimeUp close and shiny #thamespath#thamespath barriersI can see the barriers. Now just to walk to them #thamespath#thamespath {for blog}

I've walked 23 of the 180 miles so far this year. Only another 157miles to go


  1. What a gorgeous walk! Congrats on completing 23 miles thus far that's quite an accomplishment!!!

    1. Thanks - I've done the urban parts but now I get to explore the country side

  2. You live in London, don't you?


    You would get some fabulous works with some fabulous photos and see some fabulous sites! I'm sure there will always be something new to see everytime you walk somewhere, isn.t London such a colourful city? I do wish I lived somewhere that gave me such fascinating walks.

  3. what a great goal!! I wish I had the time to do this!