Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ten on a Tuesday - 112

Chelsea's questions again this week.  Go say hi, happy new year to her if you will.

1. What did you get for Christmas?
External hard drive, packing cells, jewellery, money, nail polish, chocolates, vouchers. Very happy with my loot.

2. Have you taken down your Christmas decorations?
I didn't put any up. I left for Australia on Dec 6th so just never bothered. That said, my housemates put up a tree which is still up. There's a few days until the epiphany so I guess they'll stay up.

3. What did you do for New Years Eve?
Nada. Went out for a semi boozy late lunch with an Aussie friend before retiring to the calm and warmth of my place. I was still pretty jetlagged and had been awake since 4am so I didn't stay up until midnight. I got to speak to a load of Aussie friends over their

4. Do you like accents?
Yep, mostly. Sadly not east London ones though (which is where I live). Accents, yes, but mispronunciation - no. You think things and thought things, you don't fink fings and fought fings. Innit right?

5. What kind of television do you have?
A small flat screen one (it's a housemate's, not mine. Technical answer would be "none").

6. Did you make any changes at the beginning of 2012?
Nope. I set some goals but nothing outlandish.

7. What’s the last book you read and do you recommend it?
Born In Shame by Nora Roberts (part of the Cocannon Trilogy). Recommend it? If you like Nora Roberts novels, sure, after reading the first two of the trilogy. If you're not familiar with Nora Roberts, she's somewhere between Maeve Binchy and Mills and Boon. Judge away. Also, Kindles are great for reading these kind of books because (a) it makes it really easy to get complete trilogies which can be hard in the stores and (b) no one knows what you're reading. Unless you're blushing.

8. Do you stay current on celebrity gossip?
Semi some.

9. Do you know the words to Bohemian Rhapsody? Gangstas Paradise? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
If the music was playing, I reckon I would be able to sing along to the first two but wouldn't be so confident with Bel-Air.

10. What is your favourite educational television show?
Is Antiques Roadshow educational? Or some of the cooking shows maybe?

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