Thursday, 9 February 2012

30 before 30–some success

The list wasn’t all doom and gloom though – I got through a lot that I haven’t shared.  As a few months have now past, I’m going to keep this (final) update pretty brief. The things I achieved but didn't tell you about are:

1. See a play.  Done.  Cool Hand Luke - I haven't seen the movie but I have to assume it's better.  It's an interesting story (focussed on a chain gang worker) but it did drag some.

2. Read the Great Gatsby.  Done.  It was tiresome - whilst a short book at only X pages long, I just never got into it.  Will I see the movie when it comes out? Potentially but I don't think I'll mind either way.

3. Visit the London Transport Museum. Done.  Late on a Saturday afternoon.  I quite enjoyed it but did run out of time.  I'll hopefully get back at some point soon (it's one of the few major museums in London that charges but tickets are valid for 12 months).  Favourite exhibition was probably historical thoughts on what the future of transport would look like.

8. Kiss a stranger.  Done.  I did this both on my birthday (yeah, a classy disco pash in Prague) and with a  certain someone I met in September and saw a bit of (but don't any more - no need to ask questions).

9. Visit a market. Done.  I didn't get to Portobello Rd or back to Columbia or the Petticoat markets as I'd wanted to but I did enjoy the Covent Garden markets (for the first time, surprisingly)

12.  Eat a steak. Done.  After asking some lovely colleagues for their favourite London steak restaurant, a group of us went to Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte.  I love the idea of this restaurant but steak is still not for me.  Is it strange that I felt full for a few days afterwards? If you're in London though, I'd recommend this place (although some guys prefer thicker Argentinean style steaks rather than the thinner eye fillets here)

13. Take in a sunset from Greenwich / Primrose Hill / Hampstead Heath.  Done.  Greenwich some school friends.  A sweet end to a lovely day we'd had out swimming.  Not the views I imagined (from the hill, the best views are to the north whilst the sun sets to the west) but I'm still glad I took it in and was with those I was with.

14. See Elgin’s marbles.  Done.  And the Rosetta Stone and a lot of other really cool things at the British Museum.  We are spoilt in London with the museums on offer.

15. Ride a bike.  Done.  More for convenience than anything else but we used some Boris bikes (the public transport rental bikes) one weekend to get around.

16. Get a pedicure/manicure. Semi.  I got a manicure but not a pedicure before my birthday.  Reasoning being it was too cold to be without shoes.  That said, I did get a pedicure in Australia right before the wedding which is still going strong (I've only had to backfill).

20. Try three new foods. Done.  Okra, chicken pate, kippers (no, no and no).

21. Go a weekend without coffee. Done.  1-2 October.  A combination of tonsillitis and super balmy (30deg) weather meant I did not want hot drinks of any sort.

29. Make pizza dough.  Done.  And done again.  Using this recipe, I made it back before my 30th as well as again last night.  So easy and super tasty.  I like mine quite thin but my housemates like it a little thicker.  This seems to work well both ways.

That's the list done.  Do or would you make lists?  I think I'm done for a while.


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