Wednesday, 15 February 2012

East London Street Art

The East End of London is the grittier, edgier side of London.  It’s where the hipsters and students live and it’s where the street art is at it’s best (in my mind).

Taking advantage of a groupon, I’m doing an East End walking tour next month with a colleague and friends and I’m well looking forward to it.  In the interim though, the street art is everywhere. 

On some level, I realise it’s vandalism but even so, when it’s a mural or something, I find it hard not to appreciate it.  I’ve no time for tagging but for actual street art, I’m a big wrap.  London’s well known for it’s numerous Banksy’s. and a ROA or two but one artist' who’s work I’ve just come across is JimmyC.

I’ve no idea how long these two pictures have been up but they’re in a street I’d never walked down until Sunday last weekend.  And I  think they’re pretty darn amazing.  Stunning portraits made up of many blobs of paint (watch out for my technical terms!).  What do you think?


What are your thoughts on street art/graffiti?  Below is some more from the streets around these.  See the yellow stick man?  Love him, loathe what’s either side of him. Quite like the Union Jack (the bubble writing is the words to the Sex Pistols "Anarchy in the UK" and the mural is by Tilt).


  1. We don't see much of it where I live but it is intriguing for sure!

  2. Love the pictures from JimmyC - have also seen ROA in Berlin and really enjoyed that!
    In general I do like street art - as long as it does not include tagging - this is just simply stupid and a act of destruction!
    Love all the street art here in Melbourne :)

    1. Degraves? There must be a lot more cool street art since I left. If you're ever near Degraves St and need a coffee, Journal is a fantastic little place just around the corner in the AEC. Good with friends but also great solo