Thursday, 9 February 2012

From Russia with love–Moscow

I went to Russia a long while ago now.  October 2010.  I’ve blogged about Pskov but not the highlights of the trip (Moscow and St Petersburg) or the reasoning. It was a long dreamt of trip and a fantastic one.  Aside from Pskov, we had a few days in both Moscow and St Petersburg.  Very very different cities, one prettier than the other.  That said, Moscow, was my favourite.  A little less European I guess.  More of it's own character.  More soviet remnants.

We took in Red Square and therein the Lenin Mausoleum, the shops, St Basils.  We toured the Kremlin, sight saw at night, kissed saints in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, shot guns in cold war bunkers, delighted at the chandeliers throughout the metro and ogled the old royal coaches, bible covers and Faberge eggs in the Royal Armory.  We drank vodka by the plenty and took in the old soviet monuments, collected from around the country and moved into the Fallen Monument Park

The one thing that surprised me the most about Moscow were the posers and the photographers.  All through the parks, young girls and ladies were posing (Tyra style) with their friends taking photos.  It was a constant photo shoot.

An intriguing city, full of contrasts and certainly worth a visit (but not somewhere I'd ever call home)


Have you ever had any desire to travel to Russia?

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  1. oh moscow, such a crazy city! have been there last year. you shot really nice pictures of the metro stations, I am pretty jealous!