Monday, 13 February 2012

From Russia with love–St Petersburg

The final stop on our Russian trip was St Petersburg.  Scene to one of my favourite books,  The Bronze Horseman, I was well excited to visit here.

More European in looks and feel, St Petersburg is a stunning city.  It has many ornate coloured buildings set along canals and is home to the Hermitage, a wonderful museum full of chandeliers (and amazing artworks). The former capital of Russia, it is also home to the graves of Nicholas, the last tsar, and his family.

During our stay we saw some ballet, ate at a Lenin themed bar, ogled chandeliers and artwork at the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress and the Church of the Spilt Blood and ventured out to Pushkin to see St Catherine's Palace.  Of course, we drank more vodka too.  Whilst I preferred Moscow, more because it was a little less familiar, it was so good to see these places I’d read about and long imagined.


Top to bottom: St Isaacs, The Bronze Horseman, Hermitage (green), random interiors, St Nicholas Naval Cathedral (blue), Church of the Spilt Blood (multi coloured), Peter and Paul Fortress (tall spire), St Catherine’s Palace (blue),  Ballet.

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  1. wow, looks amazing! i have just been to moscow, but i have to go to st petersburg one day!!!