Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pieces of Me–February 2012

Pieces of Me - January 2012


As mentioned last month, I’m back doing this monthly meme, of which there is nowhere to link to.

I like: Stretching.  You know the big tired stretch? it’s amazing.  you know the end of a work out stretch that feels painful?  also amazing.  I don’t do a lot of purposeful stretching but I would like to incorporate it into my day. 

I don't like: Nastiness.  This isn’t even about what I’ve felt or had done but just seen lately in a few aspects of life.  Be nice or be invisible.

I want you to know: I’m a lot happier now.  The homesick, post holiday winter blues have lifted.  I’m still not sure England is where I’ll see out the year but I’m enjoying everything that much more than I was.  I’m not sure what’s caused the change in mood but I’m glad for it.

I’ve planned: A little solo adventure for March.  Overnight sleeper train and then a few days roadtripping around Cornwall, hopefully eating some amazing seafood (and then staying at hostels to balance the costs!).  I’m really excited about it all – the train, the driving, the views and just getting away from it all. 

I want to say to someone special: that’s you guys, the readers.  I’ve moved and mostly unpacked but am in an ongoing argument with the wireless so struggling to post.  This one was written on my phone so sans pictures (& who knows what the formatting will read like).  Hopefully it will be sorted soon because there is a lot I want to say.  Isn’t there always?

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