Friday, 9 March 2012

App review - TripIt

I love my iPhone and use many many apps on it each day. I can't imagine not having one now actually as it's so useful in so may ways. I thought I'd start sharing some of my favourite apps with you. It's a mixed bunch of what I love and I'm always open to more suggestions. At the time of writing this, I have 28 apps open. And that's just from today as I tend to shut things down each night...

The first app I'm sharing is quite apt really. I'm off on another trip this weekend. This is one of the rare scheduled posts actually and by the time you are reading it, I'm either in a car zipping around Cornwall and taking in it's coastline, villlages, hills and what not or I'm still on the sleeper train heading down to do just that.

I go through phases with trips. I don’t tend to do a lot of travel in January/February but it is usually when I set up quite a few holidays for the year. In the next few months I've got this trip, Jordan & Egypt for Easter, Gibraltar later in April, returning to the Scottish Highlands in May and then two weeks walking the coast to coast in July, not to mention I was in Northern Ireland last weekend.

As fun as booking all these trips is and the anticipation that comes with them, keeping my stuff together can get tough. My "travel" folder in my email is chockers with all sorts of things and there's no logic to it. Ie. All flights were booked for these trips before I looked at accom, tours, activities etc. This is where TripIt comes in.

It's my favourite travel app on my iPhone (other loved ones include Kayak, iTranslate, TripAdvisor). Once you have an account set up (free), you just forward your confirmation emails to it and then it brings it all together. I mainly use the iPhone app but there is also a really easy to use web interface. Note that not all service providers work seamlessly with it but most I have encountered do. Trains, flights, car hire, YHA and hotel bookings have all been seemless for me, with just some minor tweaking needed on the restaurant confirmations. If Tripit doesn't recognise a confirmation email format, it saves it as a note which you can then add to the trip or manually enter the details. Normally I just assign the note to the right trip and leave it at that.

Screen dumps of the various views within the app including all the details of last week's Northern Ireland jaunt.  Click on pic to see larger)

You can also build a network so if you're travelling with friends on the same bookings, you can share the details etc which is handy when one person books all the flights or something.  The app is free as is the account I have.  There is an option for pro account (ie. flights monitored, frequent flyer details stored, flight prices tracked) but it's not something I need.

All in all, it makes things easy and I'm a big fan - it makes my life easy and it excites me every time I open it and see my upcoming trips.

What apps do you love at the moment? Travel or otherwise?

Disclaimer - The kind folks at TripIt have no idea who I am (other than the details I signed up with) and have even less idea I'm writing this review.  There's no perks in it for me, I just like their app and am sharing this with you. 

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