Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday moments

This morning I was a real cranky pants.  No real reason.  Well, no justifiable reason.  I had a great restorative weekend where I didn’t do a lot but what I did do, I enjoyed (or at least enjoyed the result of when it comes to the houseworky stuff).  I woke up feeling good about the day.  As good as you can on a Monday at least.  I think that the sun was beating down on the window helped.

And after getting ready for work, I set off.  I can get to work a variety of ways – walk, bus, train or DLR.  All are about the same amount of effort/time.  I tend to default to walk if it’s sunny or bus if it’s not. Today was sunny but I was running late so I opted for the bus.  Mistake.  TFL has this little page so you can check the status of your bus – it’s ETA.  When I left home it was 9 minutes away (meaning I’d have about 5 minutes dead time at the stop – about the most I’m willing to still opt for the bus and before walking becomes an all round better option).  Got to the bus stop, waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Eventually it was a 22 minute wait (plus walking time to the stop).  It’s really set me in a bad mood. I know by world standards, that's fine.  But by London standards?? I kept thinking of walking but then sod’s law, I expected the bus to come as soon as I left.   It’s silly that something as little as this can give me the cranks.  Maybe it was because I was running late already?  I don’t know (and it’s not actually an issue at work).

Tomorrow? I’m walking to work

Since I got to work though, things have picked up.  Today is a glorious day in London. 
My coffee this morning was free (loyalty rewards) and served with good chat.  Can't fault that. 
My lunch wrap (avocado & herb from Pret) was free because it had a Monday sticker on it.  I don’t really get it and was baffled when the server just kept repeating free. 
My lunch was eaten with a  friend in the sun by the water. Can’t fault that.
My nails are green.  Nails Inc Haymarket to be precise.  They’re the only colour I’m wearing today (the rest of my outfit is black and white) and every time I notice them, I love them. 
My spin class shattered me in the best possible way and was followed by some major stretching.  The feel good feelings of a post work out stretch can not be underestimated.

So whilst this morning I was annoyed, and then annoyed that something so little had annoyed me, it pleases me to know that equally little things make my day. 

Also – tonight, gastro pub dinner with friends and a quiz.  Today is excellent. For a Monday. Fingers crossed for no physics rounds or we're doomed.

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