Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Northern Ireland–Causeway Coastal Route

As I mentioned last week on the blog, last week many times on Facebook and last week many more times on Twitter, I spent the weekend in Northern Ireland in a last minute trip dreamed up the weekend before and booked last Monday.  The main reason behind the trip was that I wanted to see the Giant's Causeway.  The timing was due to a friend being in Belfast for work late last week.  Meeting D at the airport on Saturday morning, we hired a car (the car!!) and headed out on the coastal route to the Causeway via a huge bunch of great scenery.  When booking, I'd opted for the smallest cheapest car.  They gave us a FIAT 500.  I love these little cartoon cars and now even more so that I've been able to drive one.  No, they're not fast but they are fun and cute and lovely and full of personality and they turn on a dime and perfect for narrow country lanes in Ireland.

Do you know what happens when two inland city dwelling beach bums at heart go road tripping?  Well they get all overexcited at everything they see = the fields and hills and mountains inland, the cliffs, the sea and the islands off the coast.  The clouds in the sky, the blue in the sky and the rainbows in the sky.  ALL THE RAINBOWS.  Both D and I have Irish colleagues and had been given a few tips and suggestions ahead of the trip but one thing no one warned us off was just how many rainbows we would see.  The weather, mostly sunny with passing rain, left me thinking there were rainbows in the sky more often than there wasn't.  If the island as a whole is the Emerald Isle (justified), then Ulster is the Rainbow quadrant.  It was fantastic.

(Just a sampling of the rainbows we saw.  You may notice one was a double.  We were also able to see one all the way.  It was intense.  What did it mean? OMG?


Aside from the general wandering nature of the day and the constant views, the rope bridge at Carrick-a-rede had been recommended to us by both friends and colleagues.  The rope bridge is in place to cross to an island that has historically been used by salmon fisherman.  It sways in the wind and is high enough up to make me uncomfortable, so combined with the pelting rain that hit when we were on it, I didn't love it.  I loved the area and the view of it and the surrounds, I just wouldn't need to walk it again.  Ever.  

Next stop was the Giant’s Causeway…

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