Monday, 19 March 2012

Valencia–Las Fallas Part 2

I can’t believe it is a year since I was in Valencia, enjoying all the crazy of Las Fallas.  The thing is, I mentioned its, crazy and shared the lead up to it but never shared pictures of the fallas themselves, in their natural state or on fire.  I am incredibly jealous of a friend there this week.  Incredibly jealous.

The fallas are statues built in each neighbourhood in the month leading up to the fires.  Where there is a big one, there is usually a smaller one nearby, to be burnt at the more child friendly time of 9pm.

I can’t really begin to explain these, the how/why/what but I can share what I saw.  These cartoonish, often rude, statues are all over the town,usually in the middle of an intersection.  They’re up for about a month and then on the night of the 19th, they’re all set on fire, bring the festival to a close for another year.  I’ve done some googling to try and understand more but nothing really explains it clearly to me.

Here are some of the fallas.  To give a sense of scale, the largest ones are around 7 storeys tall. 

And then at night time, when they get lit (setting of fireworks and crackers in the process), it is just crazy.  The heat these generate is unbelievable and suddenly those that had pushed to the front during the wait wished they hadn’t as the crowd surges back.

These pics above are of a large fallas whilst the one below is of a childrens one (for the children, not by the children).

Here’s the video of this children’s one burning.  I think it’s pretty clear in it just when I get hit in the face by debris.  This festival is seriously unlike anything I’ve been to before and I’d go again in a heartbeat.

Are you a pyro? fan of all things fires and fireworks?

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