Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pieces of Me–April Edition

So I missed March but didn’t it just whiz past?  April?  Already?  Ok then.

I like: Daylight saving.  It’s here.  It’s great.  I can work to and from work in the daylight now.  I’m happier than I was a month ago.  A lot happier. 

I don't like: Colds.  They crop up as soon everything's awesome and slay you for a day or two.  They leave me miserable even though I know it’s just a cold and will pass.  They’re just a proper nuisance aren’t they?

I want you to know: I’m thinking a lot of the day I head home to Australia.  It’s kind of the elephant on my blog.  Nothing is set, nothing is known but I think it’s going to be in the next year or so that I leave London and head south.  With that, comes a lot of planning and budgeting as I’m planning on taking 3 to 6 months to get there.  Not enough to see the world but some time to see a bit of it.  Amazing job opportunities, romantic interludes and who knows what else might change things but that’s my current line of thinking. The homesick winter blues have lifted but I still think of Melbourne.  A lot.

I’ve planned: To go and float in the Dead Sea.  Easter this week means holidays so I’m heading to Jordan and Egypt for 11 days of sea (Dead and Red), history (Petra and Pyramids), amazing terrain (Wadi Rum and Mt Sinai) and a little of the unknown.  They’re the highlights but as with any trip to a new/foreign place, it’s often the little things that stand out.  I’m pretty excited about it all.

I want to say to someone special: Your health issues suck and I wish that I could kick them to the curb.  Instead, I’ll just keep you in my thoughts and my fingers crossed. 

It's almost pretty from afar (it's sterile up close). #canarywharfSuper hazy in London today #nofilterAnd then jack sparrow sailed past #canarywharf as I was walking homeLondon still still on the walk home from workCrystal clear still morning as I walked to workThis flat white also pleases meGoodbye blue sky, hello rain cloudPretty sunset tonightLobster time at Burger & LobsterRide little boy ride {Trafalgar Square, 4th plinth}Oh I do love to be beside the seasideCrossing the causeway back to mainland EnglandThese messily painted nails make me smile (nails once haymarket)Reading about the walk that didn't happen at a newly discovered local cafe.The latest in my large collection of souvenir bouncy balls, from Northern Ireland 2 weeks agoPretty ombré pink tea bags
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  1. I'm so amazed that we're already 3 days into April! I'm so thankful for Daylight Savings as well, because I'm like a whole new person with all of the extra sunlight!
    Hopefully you get over your cold soon. I completely forgot to reply to your tweet on Twitter, but they downright suck. Hopefully you can find some time to snuggle on the couch!
    I know you don't have much planned out yet, but when you head back home, what are some of the places you plan on visiting before you get there?

    1. Still yet to plan much but I'm really keen to head through central asia on the way to Australia. Think the 'stans, India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia. Antarctica is another dream but a super pricey one!