Friday, 11 May 2012

Gibraltar - the Runway

Something funny about the airport in Gibraltar is that it intersects with a main road.  Similar to a rail crossing, boom gates come down and lights go red when a plane comes in to land or takes off.   It's not just the road, but also the footpath.  Walking in and out of Gibraltar (as we did*) means crossing the runway each time.  Silly, but this entertained all of us** every time.

We cross the road right around 25 seconds

Crossing the runway, cars waiting for a plane to take off, the runway, the rock & a car crossing the runway, I’m a plane, a view of the runway from the rock.  The sunny photos were taken on the way to the airport to check in and fly home.  The weather the rest of the time was terrible!

*Accommodation in Gibraltar is reasonably scarce and certainly more expensive.  We stayed in La Lineas, 400m from the border for less than half the price (51E each compared to £110 each).  Repeated border crossings were a non-issue, a novelty even.

**Us is five.  Me plus 4 of my favourite/most regular travel buddies.  We've spent between 4 and 11 years living in the UK, making weekend city breaks so it's really refreshing to find something we all see for the first time and delight in.  Gibraltar, whilst wet and windy, was great for this.

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