Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Goal for May

I’ve got some annual goals (which are mostly tracking okay) but I do tend to loose interest in things easily and get sidetracked.  Or aim to do too much, leading to failing some of them.  I’m going to try a new approach.  A goal a month.

Now my life is pretty good, maybe a little busy, but on the whole it’s a happy life so with these motnhly goals I’m not aiming for drastic changes, just little ones. And for May, it is:
Drink more tea than coffee
Follow me on instagram?  It’s no secret I’m fond of a coffee.  Usually a double at home in the mornings and another around 10.30.  Maybe one in the afternoon?  All in all, if I have these three a day, it actually adds up to 7 shots of coffee.  I love the taste but even I realise that is too much.  Also, the cost of these add up.  Not ridiculously. but they do.

I have two ways of suceeeding in this; drink a lot less coffee or drink a lot more herbal tea.  I’m hoping it’s somewhere in the middle, with both more tea consumed and less coffee.   I already have a stash of teabags (moroccan mint, peppermint, chamomile, green, white, berry, earl grey and others) so it should be easily acheivable.

Lets see how I go...

How many coffees do you have a day? 
(I have no photos of tea to share with you! Maybe at the end of the month?)

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