Friday, 18 May 2012

Pieces of Me–May 2012 Edition

April was a great month.  I was only home for one weekend so it really flew by.  I got to see the great pyramids, the facades of Petra, the moonscape of Wadi Rum, the rock of Gibraltar.  I got a new job.  I snorkelled and swum and walked and laughed.  A great month.  May’s trending much the same - no world wonders but two weekends in London and two away.  One's been (and was fantastic) and anothers coming.

I like: Early nights.  I’ve been making a real effort to go to bed (and sleep earlier).  Computer off, iphone off, book down etc.  Getting some sleep.  It’s been great. 

I don't like: Colds.  I know I had this last month but it remains the same.  I shook one before my middle east trip but then I’ve had one since Gibraltar that I can’t quite shake.  The cough is the worst!  Also on this list is upset tummies.  I’ve not been quite right since I returned from the middle east.

I want you to know: I’m trying to eat meat again.  I’ve been a vegie for more than ten years now but late last year I tried a steak (yuck!) and in the last month or so I’ve been trying different types of meet.  Got to say, I still don’t like the taste and texture does freak me out a bit.  It makes things like yum cha and curry night easier but I do wonder if there’s any correlation between me eating meat and my constantly upset stomach.

I’ve planned: To climb Ben Nevis. Again. Planned again that is, not climbed again.  Last year we tried and failed.  This weekend, I’m heading up with my housemate and a bunch of colleagues to give it another crack.  We’re hoping the weather isn’t as bad.  I’m pretty determined to get up it (I feel it’s my last chance) but I’m also a bit scared of it.  I remember how horrible it was last time.  Normally you forget the pain and only remember the glory but for this mountain, there was no glory and the pain is still fresh.  Regardless, we’re going this weekend so fingers crossed for me please.  Fingers crossed for good weather and my cold to be gone.  It’s the last of the “3 peaks” for me to get to.

I want to say to someone special: I will be in touch! I know I've said that and failed but you are never far from my thoughts.  I know I won't be seeing you this year, there will be no day at the V&A, but we will have our fun some other way!
Reflecting on today
Me, St Paul’s and silver shiny balls

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