Monday, 21 May 2012

Thames Path–Henley-on-Thames to Cookham

Following on from Saturday’s stroll, I wanted to get some more distance under my belt and get use to back to back days of walking.  Rather than continue on where I left off on Saturday (which would have put me in the path of 2000 bike riders taking part in a charity ride), I went a little further afield, carrying from where I left off the walk before last.  i.e. Henley.
The plan was to walk until I ran out of time.  I’d loose dinner plans back in town and with the trains to this part of the world hourly on a Sunday, I’d just walk and see.  I missed a train, walked some more, missed a train, walked some more and then got a train.  Four and half hours of walking had me covering 13.5 miles all in.  The first 8 or so miles were a breeze before my hip flexors got a bit sore.  They do every time – 8 miles is always the magic mark.  The key for me on a walk of any length is to not stop.  When I stop, I seize up a bit and the soreness can set it. 
The path itself felt pretty rural.  The river is wide and flowing and there are people about, mainly near the villages you pass.  It’s not remote, but it felt a long way from London.  Highlights included a Mr Whippy van near Hurley, seeing an old couple out walking for the day, Temple Island and some spring ducklings.
Villages and towns passed included Hambledon Lock, Hurley, Marlow and Bourne End.
EnchantingThis person obviously asked their architect for a castleMr Whippy on the #thamespath ? Yes please
I've walked 56 of the 180 miles so far.  Only another 124 miles to go!
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  1. That looks like a great idea and so much fun! I used to live on the Pacific Crest Trail but I only walked the 8 or 12 miles one way and about 6 the other! I need to do what you are doing and start walking a different section each time!

  2. These are such ridiculously beautiful pics!

  3. Hello! This is my first visit, and I have already found something I love at a first glance. Your walking project sounds awesome! I'm a huge fan of walking for transportation and exploration. Always love finding Aussie blogs too!