Wednesday, 9 May 2012

This Weekend

This weekend was in Krakow.  It was a long one, with Monday being May Bank Holiday here in England (aren’t they imaginative in their public holiday naming?)

This weekend involved a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau which for me is still beyond words.  I want to write about it.  I want to share my thoughts about it. I maybe want to share more pictures from it. I want to share, I just need to work out how to.

This weekend involved reading.  Reading 50 Shades of Grey to be exact.  I’d heard some twitter banter about this book so I downloaded it in the small hours of Saturday morning without really giving any thought to what it might be about.  I’m hooked, it’s gripping, it’s also not my usual read.  It’s eye opening and maybe even educational.  It’s a tough one to recommend.  Would my parents like it?  I WOULD NEVER LIKE TO KNOW, thanks all the same.  Would you like it?  I’d be more prepared to chat about that.

This weekend involved an sitting in front of three middle age Brit ladies who plied themselves with vodka and got into a shouting match with each other on the flight home.  Want to know why?  Because Carol, when talking to Mandy, referred to Julia as her and not Julia.  Apparently that is reason enough to shout at each other for the next two hours.  God bless their husbands and kids and those that live a life with these people. 

This weekend involved pierogi (Polish dumplings).  Again, something I’d heard of but didn’t know a lot about.  My gosh, I loved them.  I had both cottage cheese & mash potato ones as well  as mushroom and sauerkraut ones.  I’m going to put the heavy on some friends to head out for Polish this week so I can have them again.  Has anyone made them?  How? Share.  I want.

This weekend involved ogling chandeliers 135m underground whilst listening to Mozart. Who knew?

The weekend was just one of many trips.  It’s was the 4th weekend of the last five I’ve spent in another country.  I’ve many more trips coming up.  I’ve chosen this life and I enjoy living this life but sometimes I think I maybe go overboard?

This weekend was a tasty, fun, entertaining, draining, heart breaking, confronting, sad, wistful, sunny weekend.

This weekend was one I’m unlikely to ever forget. Maybe the minutiae but not the moments.

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