Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Weekend That Was

Two days back at work and the weekend that was already seems a distant memory. A really fond distant memory that elicits random chuckles and plentiful smiles when I think of it. It was a fantastic weekend, fantastic for its simplicity and fantastic for the amount of fun to be had.

I was in London (such a rare and welcome treat – I’ve mega booked my weekends with many trips so I’m home every other weekend at best). My friends were in London. L, an old time school friend living on the coast here came to play and stay with me. With several things in mind, and only a few set plans, we enjoyed the best the weekend had to offer.

Horniman Museum is South London was a treat. The perfect museum for those with short attention spans but varied interests – we saw an amazing musical instrument collection, the aquarium, the body adornment exhibition, stuffed animals) and enjoy their stunning gardens with views back over the city of London. Most of this museum is free (the aquarium is £2.50 and whilst small, certainly worth this cover).

The Spiegeltent (as part of the Priceless London Wonderground festival) on Southbank late on a Saturday night. Knowing not what to expect other than to expect fun, we were amused, dazzled and entertained. Maybe not all of it is fit for description on this blog but I guess it can be best summed up as an adult’s circus. A magician, acrobatics, hula hooping, singing, a comedian, sword swallowing, irish dancing (the most entertaining I’ve ever seen), it had me in stitches and awe throughout. An amazing show.

The Horniman pub on the Southbank for some drinks pre show in the late sun. Some champagne in the backyard whilst painting nails, reading papers & books in the shadows of Buckingham Palace on Sunday, shopping for shoes, choosing cheeses. Laughing, plotting, listening to songs from our school days, dreaming of our futures, wondering about the inbetween. L and I, whilst we’ve know each other since our school days, have come into a stellar friendship in recent years. Convo can go to the absurd to the deep and back again in a blink of an eye. For all the fun we had “doing things”, it was the company that made it.

This weekend was superb. Come back soon L.

Do you guys get to hang out with old friends ofen?


  1. Wishing I could hang out with my old friends... Being homesick at the moemnt. Enjoying your hometown, but longing to spent some time with my friends... happy to hear that you had a great weekend!! xx

    1. Homesickness is the pits, isn't it? Old friends are a treasure, where you can just be. Hopefully this wave of homesickness will pass for you soon (maybe it's to do with winter a little bit?)