Thursday, 17 May 2012

What would you do–flying edition?

My super awesome friends (yes, those very same ones who’s company I enjoyed in Gibraltar) gifted me a super awesome 30th birthday present last year – a Red Letter Day voucher (on top of coming to Prague to celebrate the occasion). Similar to Red Balloon vouchers in Australia (and I’m sure something else in Canada, USA etc), it’s a voucher towards an experience of my choosing.  And whilst it’s an awesome gift, there in lies the problem.  It’s of my choosing.  What do I choose?
There are hundreds of options to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down somewhat.  Here are the experiences I’m considering; what would you choose, and why?

All pictures are from Red Letter Day’s website and are links through to the relevant experience

Some activities would be solo, some with friends.  Some are less than the voucher’s value but I can “spend” any left over easily enough on some of the other options (manicures, massages etc) or donate it towards a friend joining me if they wanted to do something as well.  So the options are:
  1. Scenic helicopter ride over London (£150 for me so leaves balance of £50)
  2. Scenic plane ride over London (for up to 4 people, it’s a little more than my voucher but not much at £245 or solo it’s £99 meaning I could double up on experiences)
  3. Tiger moth flight (various locations, I’d choose one near a mate’s place on the Sussex coast)
  4. Speed boating on the Thames (£40pp. This is something I could spend the balance on and maybe convince others to do?)
  5. Aerotow gliding (£100 so I could do this and the London scenic flight if available)
  6. Aerobatic Flight (can you see me as stunt pilot?  Would cost me an extra £50 but would be in a once off and probably amazing)
  7. Biplane over London (why go over London in a normal little plane when you can do this? although the 4 person in a normal plane is cheaper than this!)
  8. Hang gliding (again, it’d set me back £35 but it’s always something I’ve wanted to try.  But for that reason, I think I’d likely put my own money towards it in a far more scenic location than Essex?)
Help me decide – what would you do?  And if you’re a UK based friend, want to come and do any of these? 

(there are many other awesome experiences available but I've had to discount a lot because of the travel involved to get to them, given how much travel I've already got coming up).

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