Friday, 4 May 2012

Where would you rest?

It’s no secret that I like a good walk. A nice long walk for the sake of a walk. To see somewhere, to achieve something or just to do something. It all started a few years back with the Moonwalk, a 26mile charity walk, and the training for it. Long walks with friends give you plenty of time to talk about everything. And to talk about nothing. And to talk about all the things you never think you will talk about. Some of the best/deepest conversations I’ve had with friends have been on the trail. Equally, some of the most random silly ones have as well. Nothing is a secret on the trail.

One of the sillier yet reoccurring topics or questions I ask is about park benches. You see them everywhere and maybe you notice, maybe you don’t, but many of them are in memoriam. So I often ask my walking friends where theirs would be?

Despite having thought it over on several walks over the last few years, I don’t really have an answer for myself. I’d want it somewhere pretty, somewhere I’ve a connection with, somewhere close to water, somewhere accessible yet somewhere people would really appreciate there being a seat.

If you could have one, where would you have it?

This one is in Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall, a memorial to Susan Roberts. Along this stretch of foreshore there are many a memorial bench but most are set a safe distance back, only to be wetted by rain. This one is right out there, amongst the waves. This is one sweet spot for a memorial bench.

(sorry if it seems a morbid question, it’s really not meant to be).

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