Friday, 8 June 2012

Five things on a Friday – Olympic edition

There’s less than 50 days to go until the London 2012 Olympics now and my excitement is building.  Together with ticketing etc, there’s a few Olympic things on my mind.  Let me share them with you… (sorry, it's quite wordy)

The Olympics are coming and I’m super excited.  I’ve got some tickets (Swimming finals, preliminary rounds of women’s hockey (Australia v NZ, Belgium v Netherlands) and preliminary rounds of women’s basketball (Australia v GB, Argentina v an undetermined qualifier).  The cheap seats at most but given I’m going to be seeing Australian teams/athletes at all sessions, I’m super stoked about what I’ve got. 

That said, more tickets went on sale this morning and I missed out on anything I wanted.  I desperately want tickets to the night time athletics session on Tuesday 7 August when the women’s 100m hurdles is.  Australia’s a good medal chance in that (hello Sally Pearson, World Champion) but despite trying many variations of tickets (different prices and quantity), a few of us bottomed out on it today.  I’d also like beach volleyball (the venue is amazing!) but had no luck on any of the night time or afternoon sessions for that either.  I feel a little disappointed about it but I still realise I’m a lot luckier than most. What events would you most like to attend?

The tickets I do have however are lost in transit.  They’re sent tracked mail by Royal Mail.  I’ve moved since I ordered them so I have a mail redirection in place (generally, not just for Olympic tickets but Olympic accounts are locked with no changes to addresses so redirections are super important for them).  Anyway, I received notification that my tickets were to be delivered last Friday and then a follow up notification that they had been delivered.  Except they weren’t.  Not to me.  Checking the tracking/signature, they were signed for by an unknown (by the name of Arnond) which I assume is at my old address but I’m not sure.  I rang Royal Mail and they said the redirection should have worked but didn’t so now they’re trying to retrieve the item.  Makes me wonder what other mail I’m missing and what exactly I’m paying for?  Given the ticket delivery window is May – July, I’m just thankful this is happening now and can hopefully be sorted out in time.  I’d be a lot stressier if it was happening in July (esp as I’m on holidays for two weeks before the Olympics).

There’s a lot of press of how the transport system will cope during the games.  Honestly, it will cope but I suspect it will cope very badly and everything will be a lot harder.  For the most part, it won’t affect me, at least on a daily basis as I go about my normal life given I walk to and from work and can work from home if I want to.  It will come into play for the sessions I’m attending but it’s part and parcel of attending such a large event and in that situation, I'm part of the problem.  I’m not jealous of my colleagues though that rely on the tube.  At all.  It will be majorly sucky for them I imagine.

I think I need some supporter gear for the occasion now.  I have an Aussie flag, and Aussie flag tattoos (too much?) but I don’t have an Australia jersey or t-shirt.  I had a lovely little top a few years back covered in little green and gold hearts – Aussie like without being super obvious.  Anyway, every sporting event I wore it too (Ashes, one day international cricket and watching the soccer world cup come to mind), we lost.  So that, along with the weight I’ve put on mean I need something else to wear.  I’ve had a look and can’t see anything especially inspiring online.  Maybe I should just stick with a  green and yellow colour theme rather than hunt a flag tee.  What would you wear?

Are you excited for the games?  Any special plans?  Happy Friday

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