Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I just bought myself yet another print from Jessica Durrant's Etsy store (I already have her watercolour world map, peacock feather and zebra prints which I love and adore). 

I mentioned it the other day that I visited the Horniman Museum with a friend down in South London. The aquarium there, whilst small and the only paid exhibit (£2.50) was fantastic.  The jellyfish especially captured my imagination.  Such nasty stinger* in reality but quite majestic when on the other side of a glass tank.  For quite some time we stood and watched.  And photographed.

Jess has just recently done some amazing watercolours of them so when she had a flash sale this morning (50%!!), I got the studyy No. 4 - the aqua beauty.  Can't wait to add it to my collection.


*Have you ever been stung by one? Vinegar is best, or pee (seriously) if you have no vinegar to hand.  They can lave what look like tiger strips in the sting spot for quite some time.  Together with bluebottles, they’re a nasty reminder of otherwise fantastic times on the beaches of the sapphire coast, Australia when growing up.

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  1. Wow. That's really cool. I saw many jellyfish when I was in Australia, and it was even Box Jelly and Irukandji season, so we wore stinger suits. They are scary and beautiful all at once!