Thursday, 28 June 2012

London Detours–Streetart

Back in March I went on a street art walking tour with London Detours.  Led by (the amazingly entertaining) Joe, our allotted four hours zoomed past as we wondered the east end taking in just some of the street art around (and stopping for a much needed coffee).  High, low, huge, tiny, painted, stencilled, 3d, stamped, political, mispelled, sarcastic, pretty, ugly; it’s everywhere. 

Below are just some of the pieces we saw.  Some were commissioned, many weren’t. 
My favourites were the tiny people with shadows by mexican artist Pablo Delgado (as shown in the top row).  Other artists wh'o’s work we saw included , El Mac (the cowboy in the second row, another favourite), Banksy, Ben Irons, ROA, Malarky, Pez, Stick, Jimmy C and many many more. 


The nature of street art is that much of what’s pictured above is no longer there.  It’s been painted over or removed.  Even on the walk, Joe was seeing some things (hello Mickey Mouse on the cross) for the first time and as it turns out, the only time.

If you’re in London, visiting or living here, I’d recommend one of these walks.  If not street art, then maybe the east end or Westminster or one of his othering offerings?  I’ll happily come along with you.

Whislt technically a lot of the above is vandalism, I'm a real fan of it  when it's pretty, clever, funny or the like.  I do detest tagging though.  What are your thoughts?

(all the pics should be clickable links to their flickr location where you can view them larger and really see some of the detail)

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