Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Sense of Smell

Have you heard about English summers?  It rains.  A lot.  Although today it’s sunny which makes me happy. The silver lining in this is that I really like the smell of rain. I’ve been thinking about smells a lot lately and there’s a huge sense of nostalgia attached to them for me. Probably more so than any other sense for me. 

I’m not the only one caught up on smells, Sarah V just did a list over at Yes and Yes of some of her favourite smells.  Go check it out.  After you read my post and share your favourite smells. In no particular order, here are some smells I love, excluding perfumes etc:

Fresh pencil shavings. Freshly sharpened pencils are just lovely, not least for the woody smell they give off

Coffee. Need I say more? Carrying a bag of beans around in my bag on the weekend was no hardship. That was 600gm of odoriferous bliss.

Rain.  Especially when in a forest but also when it’s warm outside. The Dandenongs are some hills just outside Melbourne, full of fern gullies and the like. For those that know them, is there any place better to be in the rain than driving through them in the rain with the windows down?

Woody fires. Bonfires and open fires especially. Walking home in winter, I love the warming smell of homes heated by fire.

Onions barbecuing. Yum. I can’t think of much that would make me hungrier than this smell. It’s pretty much my family time encapsulated in a smell.

Nail polish. Also glue, paint, textas. I know we’re not meant to like the smell of them but boy oh boy I do. Not to the point of opening them solely to smell them. Not quite that badly

Freshly showered men. I guess men aren’t known for leaving the bathroom smelling nice but the scent left by the combination steam and men’s bathing products after a man has showered can be deliciously intoxicating.

Eucalyptus. Burning, oil in a steam room, fresh leaves snapped. Eucalyptus is one of my favourite smells (followed closely by tea tree for similar reason). 

Sunscreen. Certainly some more than others but Hawaiian tropic and Reef for sure.  Some slightly softer ones remind me of a chapstick my mum had eons ago. Before I was old enough to have my own chapstick. They all smell like summer.

Of course, for every great smell, there are some really rank ones (hello bananas) but let’s focus on the good. What are your favourite smells?

{Just some of my favourite smells}

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