Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Coast to Coast Walk–completed

I did it! I walked from coast to coast and it was wonderful.  I’m now home, riding the high of doing it, suffering withdrawal from finishing it and getting my thoughts together on it.

In the meantime, here’s a round up of some of the pictures I’ve shared on instagram whilst away (apologies for the double up if you already follow me over there.  Hop to it if you don’t!).

England's west coast (St Bees). Tomorrow we start the 320km walk to the east coastDay 1 done. 14 miles done, 178miles to go #c2cEnnerdale water, lake district, day 2 #c2cThere are worse ways to spend a Monday than walking waterside and scrambling up scree slopes in the Lake District #c2c  30mile down/162 to goA well marked path, if not a little wet. #c2c  #nofilterPretty sure the best way to spend hump day is climbing the humps of the Lake District. #c2cAnother stunning day walking in the lakes #c2c #ullswaterShady #c2cGoodnight AustraliaHighest point on the #c2c, Kidsty Pike. 63miles down/129 to goGoodbye glorious Lake District, I'll be back for more some dayFirst sunset of the trip we've stayed up to see #c2cToday was the last day in these short's long lovely life. #c2c21 miles through rolling green hills, stone circles & ruins. 84 miles down/106miles to goFour of the nine standards on the edge of Cumbria. Thought to date to roman times but really, who knows?A slog through the bogs today with only a few (several?) falls. Mud up to my waist and a tummy sore from laughing. Now checked in to the highest pub in England & looking forward to a hot shower & a local ale. #c2c 98 miles down/94 miles to goAnd then I spent a good while stuck in the big, trying to free my boot #c2cPenultimate day walking on the #c2c . 172 miles down / 20 miles to goHello Yorkshire my old friend, I've come to walk through you again #c2cThistles a plenty on today's walk #c2cSitting in the sun drinking tea after a lovely day's walk. 106miles down / 86 miles to goChatting to a local on the way home from the pub #c2cLovely evening in Richmond, Yorkshire after a short walk over from Reeth today. 114miles down/78 miles to go #c2cA long day today crossing from the Yorkshire Dales to the North Yorkshire Moors. Tired, but happy to have it behind us. 138miles down / 54 miles to go #c2cA gorgeous day as we began crossing the North Yorkshire Moors, both sunshine and heather a plenty. 151 miles down/ 41 miles to go #c2cA forest path #c2c #latergramFinished. A coast to coast path walked, 192 miles. Ties dipped in the North Sea, a belly full of bubbles & so many memories #c2cAll 192 miles of the coast to coast were done in these babies.Finished. That is the North Sea behind the champagne there. 192 miles down / 0 to go


  1. That looks great! I think that it's such a cool thing to do! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. So many fantastic pictures! I can't wait to hear more as well!

  3. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement.. Beautiful part of the world & your pics are stunning.
    Mel (from Melbourne)