Monday, 23 July 2012


Thinking I might be a bit sore and stiff after the walk (I was!) I’d booked in for an hour long float today at Floatworks here in London, using a voucher I’d been given for my birthday.

I’d heard of them before but didn’t really know what to expect when I turned up.  Essentially, you are in a room (to yourself), you shower and then get into your pod and float for an hour.  There’s music for the first ten minutes and last five, with silence in between.  The water is so salty that no effort is required to float (really similar to what you experience in the Dead Sea).  Within the pod, there is a light button (on- blue, off, on-varied colours, constantly changing), a neck pillow (not needed to float but it does add comfort) and a spray bottle of water (in case you get the super salty water in your face/eyes etc).


The purported benefits are (from their website) include eliminating fatigue, energises, revitalises, relieves pain, deepens meditation, alleviates stress, creates mental clarity, improves circulation and a whole host of other things. Whether all of this is the case or not I did really enjoy the hour, even falling asleep at one point and my legs are no longer stiff and sore.

Have you ever tried something like this?  Would you?  I don’t know if I’d go again (it’s not really that cheap) but it was fun today.

(if it’s not clear, this post isn’t in anyway sponsored by Floatworks, just my thoughts on something new I tried today.  They’ve no idea I’m writing about them).


  1. So does the lid close while you are floating inside? I think that would stop me from doing something like this, as I've found I'm a wee bit claustrophobic. It's really too bad though, because this looks neat!

    1. Yeah, you pull the lid down from the inside. It's on gas struts though so is very easy to open at any point. I fell asleep at one point and when I woke up I pretty much straight away opened the lid for a minute or two. It was fun to try but for the price, I think I'd prefer a massage or something

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