Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Coast to Coast Walk

Written in advance and scheduled to post as we set off

{Whernside, Yorkshire Dales as seen when walked in May 2012 as part of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks}

Over the past few months I’ve alluded to a “walking holiday”, “the big walk”, “the walk in July” and just plain old “the walk”.

That walk that I’ve been referring to is this:
This walk begins today, Sunday 8th July
This walk is 320 kilometres (192 miles) from St Bee’s on the west coast of England to Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast of England.
This walk finishes next Friday, 13 days after today. 
This walk is known as the Coast to Coast and follow’s Alfred Wainwright’s classic coast to coast path.

We’re not crossing England at its narrowest part (that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Along Hadrian’s Wall would be quite appealing and 190 kilometres less) but we are crossing through some of the most beautiful and most spectacular landscapes this country has.  We will walk through the Lake District, touch the edge of the Pennines, traipse through the Yorkshire Dales and trundle over the Yorkshire Moors. 

We’re staying in B&Bs along the way and taking full advantage of a Sherpa service for our luggage (leaving us to walk with only our day packs).  We’re doing it the easiest way possible, but we still have to walk 320 kilometres.  The daily distance varies based on the terrain and locations of towns.  We will average about 25km a day but the longest is 39 (hopefully mostly flat) and the shortest will be 14km as we climb the fells of the Lake District.

The challenge of this walk is not its physicality*.  We’re walking, not running, so we just keep walking.  Keep walking until we get to the coast.  The challenge of this walk is the mental side.  It’s often the biggest roadblock for me and I’m expecting to find it tough.  

And in a fortnight when I’m home again after having walked the width of this country?  I’ll share it all with you.

In the meantime, I hope to be posting pictures to fb/twitter/instagram as my energy levels/phone batteries/data coverage/wifi allows.  I would be most grateful for all the encouragement you can send over the next fortnight.

*not that I think it will be easier, I just think the mentall side is tougher

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! As you know, I love hiking/walking. I can't wait to hear more!