Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dear you; food

Dear chia seeds,
Whoa! I don't think I quite realised how full of fiber you are.  You were really tasty in the chia seed pudding I made (based on sweet Dani's rough guide to it over on Somtimes Sweet) but I'm not sure my body was quite ready for that level of wonderful. 
~A more than regular girl

Dear coffee,
I miss you.  I'm sorry I relied on you.  I love you.  The taste of you.  Your smell.  Your social side.  I miss everything about you.  That said, I think it's only right I have a longer break from you.  These three days without you have left me sweating, shaking and headachey.  For all the love I have for you, I can't have you having this impact on me.  I need space.
~An uncertain, shaky, sleepy girl

Dear bananas,
What gives?  I have never liked you and never will.  Why do you insist on being in so many smoothies?  Way to ruin a good time dude.
~A gagging girl that accidentally got some of you

Dear meat,
Hmm, I don't really know what to say to you but you're in my thoughts. We'll talk later, ok?
~A confused former vegequarian.

Dear green earl tea,
I found you at Borough Markets and whilst I barely know you, I thought I loved you.  I certainly lusted for you and put you up on a pedestal with your refreshing bergamont taste and smell.  But the caffeine in you?  That's a deal breaker for now.  Back to you much more common cousin, peppermint tea.
~A fickle girl

These Dear _____ posts are popular at the moment and for good reason, they're fun and easy. Becky posted a great one today as well.  What letters would you be writing?

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  1. Never realise what a caffeine addict you were.