Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jordan–Another world out there

My trip to Jordan and Egypt was a while ago now, back over the easter break.  Jordan was the destination, Egypt a bonus when I realised I needn’t take much more leave. 
My desire to travel to Jordan is a reasonably recent one.  A colleague who I met in September 2010 raved about it which I think first tickled my interest.  Then over easter last year, some people I met on my Moroccan trip raved about it some more. Those two influences and my love of Morocco moved it up my must see list.

Whilst a completely different country to Morocco with probably more differences than similarities, to a naive western girl the fact they both have deserts and both are Muslim countries with the call to prayer ringing out throughout the day made me link them.  The call to prayer is something else when travelling.  It reminds you of how small you are, how far from home you are and how diverse the world is.  It gives me chills (good chills) each and every time.

The first two days were spent wandering Amman before heading south via the Dead Sea, Mt Nebo, Karak Castle and many other pilgrim sites.  I was surprised at how green some parts of the country were as well as just how buoyant the Dead Sea is.  Floating is so so easy.  Walking was hard and you can forget about standing once the water is above your chest. 
{looking out over the suburbs of Amman from the citadel | me & the Dead Sea| the view from Karak Castle}

Wary of the heat, we entered Petra at opening, spending the next six hours wandering the site, seeking respite in the shade of the canyons and stopping in awe at what we were seeing more times than I can recount.  The Treasury is the most famous facade but the Monastery was my favourite (even with the extra climb to get to it).
{canyon in Petra | first view of the treasury | the royal tombs | the monastery}
{the treasury by day | the treasury by night}
{looking back over Petra – it’s easy to see why it wasn’t discovered for so long}

Wadi Rum was what most excited me about Jordan and it exceeded it’s expecatations.  A mountainous desert, the landscapes blew my mind.  Limiting the photos I’m sharing here is hard!  Watching sunsets and sunrises, stargazing and sleeping in the desert is magical.  It’s something I want to do again and again.
{Jabal Umm Fruth Rock Bridge | a canyon elsewhere | Jabal Umm again}
{rock formations | seven pillars of wisdom | petroglyphs}
{sunset | sunset | sunset}
{moon and stars | sunrise | sunrise}

From Wadi Rum we headed to Aqaba to catch a ferry to Egypt.  Due to delays, we ended up with nearly a day there.  After a hot and sweaty few days, we opted to spend it at the InterContinental beach club.  More food than we new what to do with, a swim up bar and our first swims in the Red Sea, it was an unexpectedly indulgent day). 
{mosque | swimming in the Red Sea | the view from the sun lounger}
{the other South Beach | views back from the ferry when we eventually left}

This post was a long time coming but this part of the trip was fantastic, and one I want some words to.  Have I been able to convince you to add Jordan to your must see list?  It really is worth the trip.


  1. What incredible pictures! I'm dying to visit both of these countries!!!

    1. Thanks! It was a fantastic trip, Jordan especially. I need to share my thoughts and pics of Egypt as well but I wasn't nearly as enamoured with it as I was Jordan.