Friday, 14 September 2012

Currently .I.

{the London sky last night - it was a wonderful sunset}

Dani over at Sometimes Sweet posts and hosts the Currently series.  She’s got a super sweet blog and some amazing tattoos (not at all what defines her but I love them).   I’m spending most of my time working, travelling and sleeping at the moment so posting, as always, is sparse but here’s a little update on where I’m at, what’s exciting me.

Loving: The late summer sun.  There’s a feeling of Autumn in the air, what with the cooler winds and the leaves already falling but it means I’m really appreciating and soaking up all the sun I can.

Reading: Young adult fiction.  I picked up a couple on the weekend and have just finished Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Have you read it?  I really quite enjoyed it but without spoiling things, I don’t really like books that leave me with so many questions.  It does conclude is a logical place, but I want to know more, to keep reading, see what happens to the main characters it frustrated me.  Regardless, you can be sure I want to see the movie now.  I think the casting for it is pretty spot on, but I’m not sure if that’s because I read the book knowing who had been cast as who? Next up is The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, the Man Booker prize winner last year.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Watching: Not a whole lot.  New Girl is about the only show I catch up on each week.  I want Winners and Losers to come back to ITV2 soon as well – are any of my Australian readers watching Series 2? Any good?  Other than that, I never seem to tire of Cops, Jail or Unsolved Mysteries reruns and am a bit partial to old Miami Ink and LA Ink episodes.  Basically, anything that’s on CBD reality might capture my attention for a bit. 

Thinking about: where I want to be, where I want to live, when I want to live elsewhere. It’s been a constant line of thought all year and I’m not really any closer to a resolution.

(Slightly) Stressing about: Work.  It’s hectic.  It’s mostly good with a little not-so-much.  It’s a big learning curve and a big stretch at times and whilst that is a good thing, it comes as a shock after a few relatively easy work years.  At times I feel like I might be in over my head but the feedback I’ve been getting is good, so I guess I just keep doing what I’m do (which is working incredibly hard).  Coming to London might (or might not have) been good for my bank balance, and has certainly been good for my travel and wanderlust but it hasn't been great for my career.  I took this role, knowing it was a stretch, because it's the first thing in a while that may actually help me get a job when I return home.  It's a little less niche (or most of the skills) within the risk world compared to my previous roles.

Looking forward to: Holidays.  A beach road trip this weekend (hello Dorset), an overlanding trip at the end of the month through Central Asia.  No matter the type of travel, I love it.     

Making me happy: This lip balm, A Million Kisses by Lush.  So intense in colour, I love it.  It’s a deep hot pink of sorts?  Not sure how to describe it, have a look for yourself though.  It seems pinker on my lips than it looks online.  It feels good on, lasts well and tastes great.  Also, express lifts at work. Whenever I get a lift in the mornnig that stops only a few times, or even not at all, I think of it as a good omen for the day ahead, a little life win.

What’s currently going on in your life?  What books should I be reading?  I’ve got a long holiday coming up so time to stock the kindle.

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