Monday, 22 October 2012

Home (whatever that means)

A little update on things...

I’m “home” and I have a lot to share and catch you up on. The holiday was fantastic. Maybe one of the best of my life? For so many reasons, not least of the time out, the time away from work, email, phone (thanks to losing it early in the piece) etc. Time to think, reflect, dream and plan.  And in these small moments where I did think about the big picture, things were clear. 

I am finished in London.  After a great couple of years (4.5!), the love affair is over and it is time for me to move on.  To this end, I’m now negotiating end dates with work and planning what’s next. 

I’ll recap the trip properly pretty soon but until I shared this news, I didn’t really feel like I could explain a whole lot of things.  I’ve slowly started telling people and it just feels good, it sits really well with me.  I’m becoming unemployed, beginning my goodbyes and heading for the unknown.  Next up – trip planning.  Thinking Africa – Australia (for some weddings) – Central & South America - Australia.  Any hints or tips welcome, especially if you have any knowledge of reputable volunteer organisations (both short and long term placements).


{taking it all in, Aksu Canyon, Kazakhstan)


  1. I don't know any volunteer organizations, but I wanted to wish you luck! This must be an exciting (and maybe a little bit scary?) time for you. I can't wait to read about the next chapter of your life!

    1. Thank-you! This means a lot to me as you've been one of my biggest (and maybe only?) blog supporters over the years. I'm really excited about what's next, even the unknown. I still have it in my mind to return to Canada at some point and I hope that when that day comes, we can meet up.