Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A New Look

I’ve once again been playing around with the look of this blog.  Doing other, more important things (like visa applications and comparing shipping quotes) didn’t seem as fun so this morning, I made a new header and changed the background to something more neutral.

Fullscreen capture 05112012 173220.bmp
Jump on out of reader to come and see all the changes.

The last design didn't hang around long.  I liked it in theory but there were too many colours in the wallpaper which I though competed with the photos I was posting.  I've gone for a far more simple colour scheme this time, with pretty much all the colour coming from the ombre heading. I’m not totally in love with the design but it’s all I've got for now and the neutrality of it should carry me through for awhile.

I’ve created and uploaded a new favicon (using this favicon generator) but that doesn't seem to be coming through online.  You should be seeing an “s” in a star but you may still just be seeing an “s”.


Also, whilst doing this, it was funny seeing the back catalogue of headings in my pictures folder.  Newest to oldest below… Any favourites? (some are awful!!)

0Sequin-headercircle pics2010 (1)2010NovemberBlog header with textBlog header

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