Sunday, 11 November 2012

Brighton: the Love Affair Continues

I’ve been away this week, spending some time with friend(s) down on the southern coast in Brighton whilst also getting some errands done.  A school friend lives down there and there’s very few places in England I enjoy more than this one. Ignoring it’s rep as a hen and stag do town, it’s a brilliant place. I never know what to expect on a trip down but I always love it and am sad to leave. None more so than this time, the last time.

Some of my craziest nights out have been there.  Some of the calmest nights in have been there.  There is great shopping, great food, great street art and something for everyone.  It’s home to the Royal Pavillion, probably my favourite royal palace to date, anywhere.  There is a thriving music scene, lovely old pubs, sweet boutique filled lanes and a beach.  Let’s not forget the pier either – a true English seaside pier. Oh, and the new Brighton Wheel.

Whilst I don’t know if or when I’ll ever return to Brighton, I think I will always love it.
Brighton, never change.

{Photos taken over the last 3.5 years}

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