Monday, 26 November 2012

Disneyland Paris; My 31st Birthday

{Indiana Jones & the Temple of Peril, moi, Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain, Walt & Mickey inside Walt Disney Studio Park}
A 4:30am alarm.
A 5:00am taxi pickup.
A 6:18am Eurostar train from St Pancras International, London, to Gare du Nord, Paris.
Some confusion with the RER tickets.
RER B to Chatelet Les Halles.
RER A to Marne La VallĂ©e–Chessy,
aka  Parc Disneyland.

I had wondered in the lead up if heading to Disney was an age appropriate way to celebrate a 31st birthday.  I needn't have.  The excitement the five of us were generating was testament to it being a perfect way to celebrate.  Some Disney virgins, some Disneyland Paris virgins and some Disney lovers.  All adults, all as excited as kids on Christmas eve.

The first 15 minutes or so inside Disneyland Park was magical.  It was the happiest place on earth.  It was amazing, seeing the palace and taking it all in.  Minnie ears purchased, off to the rides. 
Collected a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain, queue for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Eat magical popcorn (aka sweetened cinnamon popcorn) and a dirty burger for lunch, ride Big Thunder Mountain.  Scream in the dark.  Pose for photos. 

Head to Walt Disney Studios Park. Queue for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Scream, nearly wet my pants.  Laugh.  Queue for Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster.  Scream some more, laugh some more. Buy more Minnie ears (this time sparkly sequinned ones), a few other souvenirs. Admire the over the top Christmas lights.

RER A to Chatelet Les Halles.
RER B to Gare du Nord.
A 8:13pm Eurostar train from Gare du Nord, Paris to St Pancras International, London.
Champagne on board. More laughs. A quick nap.
Arrive in London 9:47pm.
Farewell friends.
A tube and a bus, get home 22:35pm.

{champagne, ears and friends, aboard the Eurostar}
A seriously fantastic whirlwind of a day out. More time at Disney would have been great but the aim was always to keep it cheap and do a day trip and I wouldn’t change that. We didn’t get to go on many rides but we went on the ones with the biggest thrills and screamed a plenty! Space Mountain was closed as were the Teacups.  Another trip to a Disney may be in my future for there are still the classics to ride – Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, It’s a Small World, the Teacups, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.

A really great way to celebrate a birthday.  A really great way to say goodbye to friends and a fitting final weekend European jaunt.  Thanks friends, thank-you.

Have you been to any of the Disney parks?  This was my first time and I think I might be hooked now.

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  1. Love the Minnie ears! You all look so cute :D
    I have been a couple of times in Disneyland while living in California, I loved it back then! Such great memories!! x