Friday, 16 November 2012

London List; Climb the Monument

Moments after posting about this London list on Wednesday, I looked outside and realised how clear a day it was. A perfect day to climb the Monument to the Great Fire of London (aka the Monument). I also realised I better boot scoot it along if I wanted to get there for sunset.

After a quick ride on one of the Boris bikes, I paid my £3 and climbed up the 311 stairs to the top. The Monument stands 62m tall and is 62m from where the great fire started in 1666.

Climbing those stairs wasn’t exactly fun but they were much more open and wider than I was expecting. On reaching the top, I was the only one there with great views over Greater London. 

That solitude lasted only a few minutes before it got really quite crowded on the viewing platform. Many photographers armed with big cameras turned up to capture the sunset and twilight. I felt a little out of place with my iPhone (yeah, didn’t even think to take my camera!) but I stayed up there for the best part of an hour, taking it all in and watching darkness fall.

If you’re in London and haven’t climbed the Monument yet, I’d heartily suggest it. If you have climbed it but not at sunset, I’d suggest you go again. Watching the lights of the city come on was amazing.

And some of the many pictures I snapped…

As you can see there is plenty of building work going on in London. I can’t help but think that very soon, the Monument will loose the best of its views. Go before that happens.

(Panoramas taken using DMD Panorama which I downloaded when it was free)

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