Thursday, 15 November 2012

London Love

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It’s now less than two weeks until I leave this city.  The boxes have arrived and I need to begin packing up from the last 4.5 years, ready to move on.

The decision to leave London has been a long time coming but actually doing it? That’s kind of scary.  I’m lucky enough to have a few weeks off between finishing work (31 October) and leaving (27 November).  I’ve spent this time so far being a tourist, revisiting my favourite restaurants, organising the move, organising travel (11 countries means lots of visas, vaccinations etc).  My moods swing pretty widly from pure excitment about Melbourne and the road I’m taking there to stress and panic.  Stress and panic about what I need to do, life admin, errands to be run, before I take to the road.  I’m really grateful though that I haven’t yet started regretting the decision to leave.  That decision sits so easily with me, so comfortably.  It is the right time.

Some of the more touristy things I’ve done, or want to do doing during this luxury month are:
London Detours Westminster Tour
London Detours City Tour
Visit the Science Musuem
Visit the Cabinet War Rooms
Visit St Paul’s Cathedral
Climb the Monument
Revisit Windsor
Revisit the London Transport Musuem
Visit Chislehurst Caves
Visit the source of the Thames
Visit the Museum of London.

And let’s not get started on all my favourite cafes and restaurants I want to visit one last time.  Or the people, my people, that I need to say goodbye to. 

This month is one I will long remember and be thankful for.

Have you been to London or is there something you know of that is must see that’s maybe not on my list?

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