Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The final leg: DXB to MEL

I'm sitting in a cafe in Dubai Airport waiting for flight EK406 to be called, to whisk me (in 14 hours) to Melbourne, to my home.

I'm wondering if I should by the watch I can't stop thinking about. A hunky Baby-G one that would so neatly replace my former Baby-G, a faithful servant of four years until I lost it rock jumping in Malawi.

I'm wondering if I made the right decisions on perfume at the duty free store. I love what I chose (D&G's new one, Femme I think) but will I love it for all 100ml?

I'm wondering just how soon I will get to see everyone once I'm home. My niece and nephew especially. And how soon I can have a plate of greens. Fresh produce, cooked by me for me.

I'm wondering what movies I might watch on board, or if I will sleep (I'm pretty tired and a pretty decent plane sleeper).

I'm wondering all these things, little things. I'm not wondering if I've made the right decision though. Melbourne is home.

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